Endless Possibilities

Having Bespoke shoes made for you is the epitome of uniqueness and functionality. No other part of your wardrobe will affect how you feel as much as well-fitted shoes, designed and made to your wishes. Apart from the comfort they provide, bespoke shoes will also become a statement. A statement of sophistication and elegance. 

All bespoke shoes are made by hand in our Munich Atelier following century-old techniques. 
The process starts with measuring the customer and understanding his needs and preferences. From this, a pair of wooden lasts will be carved that resemble the customer’s feet and that will accompany him over the years. The fit of the last is verified with at least 2 pairs of fitting shoes that are made from lower-grade leather to validate the fit and shape. 
Once the right fit is achieved the making of the actual pair begins. The process takes about 80-100 hours and results in a unique handcrafted pair of shoes that carries the fingerprint of the maker as much as reflecting the taste of the customer.