What makes a pair of shoes more than just footwear?

The answer is craftsmanship, personalization, and dedication. I founded Mogada to channel my commitment to this beautiful craft and my passion to create objects of uncompromised quality. 

Quality will always matter more than quantity that is why all my shoes are hand welted and hand finished. 

The leathers I source are the best one can find, the techniques I use are the same used a century ago and won’t be compromised since conserving the art of shoemaking is what I dedicate myself to. 
– Louis Lampertsdörfer, Founder


My interest in handmade shoes was sparked early when I was still a student. I began with an apprenticeship at a shoemaker in Munich and then proceeded with university but spent my spare time practising shoemaking. After graduation I decided to fully dedicate myself to classic shoemaking, moved to the UK and began an apprenticeship at the bespoke department of Gaziano Girling. There I learned the traditional English way of west-end shoemaking. After continuing to work as a bespoke shoemaker there for a few years I moved back to Munich to found Mogada. 


2023 - 3rd Place in the World Championships of shoemaking in London

2019 - 6th Place in the World Championships of shoemaking in London