With MOGADA I want to create a small but well designed and well made collection of essentials that fit modern everyday life and provide a valuable extension to any wardrobe.

My aim is to create objects that are highly utilitarian but at the same time pleasing to the eye. This approach created simple and minimalistic designs that in combination with the finest materials and an entirely handmade construction led to truly beautiful objects that will be a lifelong companion.

– Louis Lampertsdörfer, Founder

Why made to order?

We believe in creating each item to order. Enabling us to offer personalized products crafted to the customers desire while avoiding superfluous stock and unnecessary waste.

Why hand sewn?

Whether it is shoes or accessories, sewing leather by hand is a painstaking long process that is usually replaced by sewing machines for economic reasons. We choose to sew all our accessoires by hand for a more durable construction and its characteristic and beautiful look. Every single one of the beautifully angled stitches is pricked with an awl and then locked by hand to secure itself.